The Good and Plenty Amendment

You will not find this amendment in the US Constitution. It is implied by the Democrat

leadership by their words and proposals. Examples of this are found in President

Biden’s address to Congress on April 28th. He has two very expensive plans. The

American Jobs Plan and American Families Plan. These two plans promise plenty of

jobs and lots of goodies such as fixed roads, fixed bridges, clean unleaded water, and

on and on. But wait, didn’t the ‘Shovel-Ready’ Infrastructure Stimulus Bill of 2009 fixed

all the roads, bridges and it was supposed to create a ton jobs. I wonder where the

money went to, oh well, I’m sure that these two plans will bring America out of third-

world status into the Democrat’s Utopia.

Infrastructure should be fixed and maintained but not by the Federal government. Job

creation isn’t either for the Federal government to do. This is something that communist

and socialist governments do. Whenever the Federal government creates programs or

plans, it puts the country into further debt, inflationary conditions, and in more control of

our lives.

The way to extricate the Federal government out of our lives and to put it back to its

original charter is by our direct involvement with our representatives whereby they follow

our directives and follow through with their fiduciary duties.

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